Unofficial and widely adopted GitHub Actions toolkit for Rust programming language.
Making the Rust CI/CD process an easy thing!

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🛠ī¸ toolchain

Install specific Rust toolchain. It supports additional targets, components and profiles and hides all the small papercuts.

- name: Stable with rustfmt and clippy
  uses: actions-rs/toolchain@v1
    profile: minimal
    toolchain: stable
    components: rustfmt, clippy

đŸ“Ļ cargo

Run specified cargo command.
Can also install and call cross instead for easier cross-compilation.

- name: Release build
  uses: actions-rs/cargo@v1
    command: build
    args: --release --all-features

⏊ī¸ install

Faster binary crates installation. One second in the best case scenario.

- name: Install cargo-audit binary crate
  uses: actions-rs/install@v0.1
    crate: cargo-audit
    version: latest
    use-tool-cache: true

📎 clippy-check

Annotate commits and Pull Requests with clippy warnings.

- name: Annotate commit with clippy warnings
  uses: actions-rs/clippy-check@v1
    token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
    args: --all-features

🛡ī¸ audit-check

Perform an audit for dependencies with security vulnerabilities.

- name: Security audit
  uses: actions-rs/audit-check@v1
    token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}

📈 grcov

Collect and aggregate code coverage data with Mozilla grcov tool.

📈 tarpaulin

Collect and aggregate code coverage data with tarpaulin tool.

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